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You can now post 90-second reels on Facebook

Facebook has increased the maximum length of the reels one can post on its platforms. Users can now publish reels (short vertical videos) of up to 90 seconds. Meta-owned social media platforms previously limited reels length to 60 seconds. Do note that Meta increased the maximum reel length to 90 seconds a few months ago and the same is now applicable to Facebook as well. The additional 30 seconds should offer more freedom to creators to make engaging reels. However, it is still much less than TikTok's 10-minute video limit, which is currently the highest on any vertical video platform. Besides this change, Facebook has made several minor changes to the reels platform. Users can now easily create reels using memories and pre-built templates with just a few clicks. Right now, reels are Meta's fastest-growing content format, attracting content creators and consumers simultaneously. Short-form content is gaining momentum across platforms like TikToTk (banned in India), YouTube Shorts, reels on Instagram, Facebook, and several other apps that are tailor-made to offer vertical short-form content optimised for smartphones. Compared to a conventional video (horizontal format), a user need not spend much time going through a video. Many short video platforms also allow creators to make content using licensed music, which gives an added advantage in making engaging videos.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 4:50 am

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