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Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio is investing in a nuclear fusion startup
Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio has invested in a startup developing fusion technologies, according to a source with direct knowledge and a company filing, making further bets in other areas of the energy sector. The newly formed company, Neo Fusion, will research and develop technologies aimed at making controlled fusion commercially viable worldwide within two decades, the source said.
Bezos Blue Origin lands NASA contract to build an astronaut lunar lander
A team led by Jeff Bezos Blue Origin has won a coveted $3.4 billion contract from NASA to build a spacecraft that will fly astronauts to and from the lunar surface, the US space agency said on Friday, a breakthrough for the company two years after defeating Elon Musks SpaceX in yet another competition. Blue Origin plans to build its 52-foot (16-meter) tall lander, Blue Moon, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin Corp, Boeing Co, software company Draper, and robotics company Astrobotic. NASA selected Blue Origin over a competing bid led by defense contractor Dynetics, owned by Leidos Inc. and also owned by Northrop Grumman Corp. belonged.
According to a study, more than half of the worlds great lakes are drying up
According to a study released Thursday, more than half of the worlds major lakes and reservoirs have shrunk since the early 1990s, largely due to climate change increasing concerns about water for agriculture, hydroelectric power and human consumption. A team of international researchers reported that some of the worlds major freshwater sources from the Caspian Sea between Europe and Asia to South Americas Lake Titicaca were losing water at a cumulative rate of about 22 gigatons per year for almost three decades. Thats about 17 times the volume of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States.
Long-necked dinosaur fossil found by Argentine scientists is one of the largest ever found
Argentine paleontologists have discovered the remains of a gigantic new species of long-necked herbivorous dinosaur in the countrys southern Patagonia region and say the animal is among the largest ever discovered. The find presented on Thursday in the Pueblo Blanco nature reserve was first discovered by scientists in 2018. The dinosaurs bones were so large that the van that was taking them to a laboratory in Buenos Aires overturned, although no one was injured and the remains remained intact.
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Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 5:02 am

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