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Political tensions boil over in Cape Coral during Republican Club meeting altercation

CAPE CORAL, Fla. -- A long history of political turmoil in Cape Coral reached a boiling point after a Republican Club meeting ended earlier this week.

In the parking lot, John Karcher walked up to his car and moments after, he was blocked by a silver car. Inside the car, the driver wasMichelle Shadrach. Her husband ran for mayor in the last election. The passenger, Julia Bartlett, then got out of her car and walked up to Karcher's, motioning for him to get out.Shadrach gave her the middle finger from inside the car.

What caused this fight outside of the country club?

Karcher said it all started when Patty Cummings was accused of not living in the district she ran for.

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"Patty and Julia and I hung out for a while when she was supposedly helping out Patty, but we found out on other pages she was lying to us," said Karcher.

He believes Bartlett was one of the people who took part in getting the information to the governor.

"No one will ever do that and they should never do it to anyone again," said Karcher.

Bartlett would not go on camera but said she walked up to his car and wanted to ask Karcher to stop cyberbullying her. She said she has hired a lawyer for the harassment she has been dealing with.

Saturday, May 6, 2023 at 12:00 am

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