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Nevada Governor Lombardo signs bill protecting abortion

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The provisions were a major flashpoint in one of the closest governors races of the 2022 midterms and became the latest reflection point for how Republican lawmakers and candidates navigate abortion policy debates in blue to purple states. Mr. Lombardo originally said he would repeal the executive order, but said months later he would uphold it, a reversal that Mr. Sisolaks campaign repeatedly emphasized. In February, he signaled that he would sign the bill, which does not add any additional protections to Mr. Sisolaks executive order.
Governor Lombardo made a campaign commitment to ensure that Nevada would not participate in prosecuting those seeking legal medical care in the state, spokesperson Elizabeth Ray said in a statement. Today, Governor Lombardo kept that commitment.
Ms. Cannizzaro told The Associated Press last month that she was not aware of particular cases of outside states prosecuting women who have come to Nevada for abortions, but said that could happen with more restrictive laws coming from other states. She referenced restrictions approved in neighboring Idaho and Utah.
Democratic-controlled states like California, Colorado, and Rhode Island have approved similar legislation to the one in Nevada.
Nevadas state Senate advanced the legislation last month, with two Republican women joining Democrats in support of the bill. Following the vote, the Nevada Republican Party said it was horrified that the two voted for the measure, exposing an intra-Republican rift about how to handle abortion legislation in a post-Roe world. In other cases, that involves to what extent abortion access should be restricted. The Nevada GOP did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Tuesdays signing.
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Earlier this month, Nevadas Democratic-controlled Legislature advanced a resolution that would enshrine the existing abortion rights in the state constitution, which would make it much harder to repeal. After passing the 2023 session, it must also pass in 2025 before appearing in front of voters on the 2026 ballot. That process does not include the governors approval.
This story was reported by The Associated Press.
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