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Nasty Nats want BBC political editor SACKED

Nasty Nats
have BBC Scotland political editor Glenn Campbell in their sights as they call for the journalist to be sacked for having the audacity to question Humza Yousaf. Campbell left the First Minister floundering on Tuesday when he asked if the SNP was operating "criminally".
It followed the arrest of party treasurer Colin Beattie MSP who became the second high-profile SNP official to be quizzed under caution by officers after former chief executive Peter Murrell was hauled away earlier this month. Both were released without charge pending further investigations.
Cybernats were fuming at Campbell's question and were offended at his decisive mannerisms while he asked it. Creepy pro-SNP Twitter account MSM Monitor, which has previously launched attacks on other BBC journalists like James Cook and Sarah Smith, even ran a poll asking if he should be "stood down".
Humza Yousaf claims SNP is not being run in a 'criminal way' as he refuses to suspend Colin Beattie and Peter Murrell
And it seems many Nats agree with 87 per cent of 8,400 votes saying he should at the time of going to press. The account had a mini-breakdown at Campbell's question and said: "Jabbing your finger at someone and snarling at them in this fashion is completely inappropriate. This is BBC Scotland's political editor confronting the FM. He's clearly performing for the assembled cameras and hacks. Brave journalists eh? Glenn Campbell should be stood down."
It went on to rage: "Someone at BBC Scotland *has* to get a hold of Glenn Campbell. His conduct is appalling. Lacing his news reports with all kinds of innuendo and risking contempt of court with unnecessarily provocative remarks. He's like an angry football manager accosting a referee."
The sinister account - followed by several SNP politicians - wasn't finished there, fuming: "Campbell's angry finger jabbing routine not going down well with folk. Thing is, he didn't have to do this. The FM wasn't going anywhere and was clearly willing to answer questions."
And in a desperate attempt to defend the SNP leader, it went on to say: "We've been struck by Humza Yousaf's dignity since becoming FM. Even Nicola Sturgeon, when confronted with 'the mob' in this fashion, could get understandably prickly. Humza's composure has really stood out. That's class."
Other Scexcit supporters also hit out at Campbell, with one calling him a "scumbag" and another saying he was "out of control". Journalist Neil Drysdale refused to stick up for his media colleague, saying: "I'm a genial enough person, but if somebody came up to me and behaved like Glenn Campbell does here with Humza Yousaf, I'd tell them to eff off and learn some manners! Who on earth does he think he is?"
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Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 10:37 am

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