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Lawmakers Retry Holding Digital To OTA Political Rules

A bipartisan group of US House members has introduced a new version of the Honest Ads Act to complement the Senate version introduced earlier this session. The bill aims to bring greater accountability to online political advertising by maintaining the same level of accountability that OTA broadcasters already maintain.
The bill would require digital platforms with at least 50 million monthly viewers to maintain a public file of all electioneering communications purchased by a person or group who spends more than $500 total on ads published on their platform. This digital translation of the traditional political file targets companies like Facebook and Google, who have operated political ads without oversight or transparency.
While holding digital political ads to common radio standards, the Act provides a targeted exemption for radio and TV stations online content, along with newspapers and periodicals.
Under the Honest Ads Act, publishers would also need to accompany digital political ads with disclaimers identifying the purchasers of the ads, as with radio and TV stations. The last version of the Act failed to get through the Senate last session.
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Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 4:18 am

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