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ChatGPT surpasses Facebook and WhatsApp: Know-how?

Ever since ChatGPT has come into the world of the internet, it has given sleepless nights to many tech companies, as the chatbot's daily new results keep surprising everyone. On the other hand, now OpenAI's chatbot has been gradually increasing its users at a faster pace than expected, which has resulted in leaving behind Facebook and WhatsApp in terms of rapid growth as the recent figures of the World of Statistics have surprised everyone.ALSO READ:WhatsApp is developing a split-view feature for android tablets: Here's what you need to knowChat GPT users increased in just a couple of months, know the figuresLet us tell you that the figures from the World Of Statistics said that Chat GPT has made 100 million users its own in just two months. Where WhatsApp took 3.5 years to get so many users, Facebook (FB) got so many users in 4.5 years. At the same time, along with its rapidly increasing popularity, its users are increasing day by day, and it has also overtaken Facebook (FB) and WhatsApp in terms of fastest growth, while statistics show that in January 2023, millions of people have been visiting it daily.ALSO READ:Oppo Find N2 Flip to announce the price on March 13: What to expect?How does ChatGPT works?Let us tell you that Chat GPT answers any question in a few seconds, which is much better than Google. On the other hand, Chat GPT is believed to destroy many sectors, whose nervousness can be clearly seen in tech companies.How is ChatGPT is useful for all of us and what are the new update?Let us tell you that ChatGPT is going to put an end to the hours-long searching habit for all of us. This is because it gives you better results by analyzing all the information related to your question on Google and the Internet to answer your question. Moreover, due to increasing popularity, Chat GPT has further introduced its paid plan for users.ALSO READ:Apple iPhone SE 4 5G to feature OLED panel: Know-more

Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 1:30 am

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